The first non-invasive personalized therapy for hand tremor.

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Meet Cala Trio™

The first wearable device designed from the ground up to treat essential tremor (ET). The therapy delivers meaningful results for the majority of patients after just a single session. Cala Trio is currently available in the US only.

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The Science

Surface stimulation delivered at your wrist is thought to disrupt the central tremor network in your brain that causes the hand tremor.

Developed through Clinical Studies
Delivers one and a half hours of relief
Meaningful improvement reported by 75% of users after a single 40-minute session

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A new approach to managing essential tremor



Cala Trio is a simple wearable device similar to a watch. No surgery or invasive procedures needed.


Drug Free

Unlike pharmaceutical treatments for essential tremor, Cala Trio does not have any permanent or systemic side effects.


Easy to try

There is no perfect treatment for everyone. If Cala Trio is not right for you, simply return within 60 days for a full refund less a small $99 trial fee.


The image below is an actual patient test (Archimedes Spiral Task) before and after a 40 minute stimulation therapy with Cala Trio.

before after
  • Joyce

    “I would always start my therapy with the Cala Trio in the morning when I first woke up. I would get my kids off to school so I prepare lunches and everything while using it ... All those day to day tasks that I struggled with I was able to complete thanks to the Cala Trio.”

    - Joyce , Mother, IT Professional

  • Pete

    “Using the Cala Trio changed my personality and my life. It made me more confident. It allows me to be free and I’m not feeling like people are looking at me.”

    - Pete, Golfer, Glass & Metal Professional

  • Bob

    “I noticed how easy it was to eat I texted my wife to tell her what my experience was. When I was texting I thought how easy it is to text ... After I texted her that, I still remember, I held up my hand, I thought so this is what it feels like to feel normal.”

    - Bob, Tai Chi Aficionado, Retired CFO

Comparing Cala Trio

Drugs (Propranolol & Primidone)

Surgical Implant (DBS)

Focused Ultrasound

Non-Invasive checked checked checked checked
No Permanent or Systemic Side Effects checked checked checked checked
Easily Reversible checked checked checked checked
Low Cost To Try checked checked checked checked
No Drug - Drug Interactions checked checked checked checked

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